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PRE-SALE Evaluate What You Tolerate Vol.1


1.Wax Idols - Born Without A Mind
2.SBSM - Your World
3.Otzi - Stigmata
4.V.E.X. - Mouthbrood
5.Maya Songbird - People Hold On
6.Esses - White Silence
7.Inverts - Repulsion Is Mutual
8.Baus - Cigarettes
9.Mall Walk - Street Drugs and Cartoons
10.Mystic Priestess - Where Were You?
11.Spray Tan - Hey Bro
12.Composite - Placebo
13.Super Unison
14.Primary - Camouflage
15.Silent Era - Deescalate
17.False Figure - Exhale
18.Ink Bats - No Other
19.Don't Ask - Break
20.Straight Crimes - Revenge and Blood
21.Bitterfruit - Lesson Unlearned
22.Mane - Surface
23.Healers - Outside
24.Syndicate - Counterfeit Life

IT'S TIME TO STEP UP. We felt this was an important moment to show that Bay Area punks won’t stand for white supremacists, racists and fascists and to tell those who are directly affected everyday by hate that we’ll fight for them no matter what.

THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM IS GUILTY AS HELL. As communities are continually targeted, kicked out, deported and viciously murdered, supporting groups on the frontlines of injustice and community care is an obligation. It’s our responsibility to work everyday to dismantle structural oppression and support mutual aid efforts that put community health, education and self-defense first. We challenge everyone who opposes the systematic oppression and violence of our communities, friends and families to get involved where they are and create radically different alternatives to Trump’s America.

SUPPORT COMMUNITY RESISTANCE AND ALTERNATIVES. All proceeds from Evaluate What You Tolerate will benefit the Oakland-based Anti-Police Terror Project, a group of concerned and committed institutions, organizations, and individuals dedicated to ending state-sanctioned murder and violence perpetrated against Black, Brown and Poor people. They’re a Black led, multi-racial, multi-generational coalition that organizes to resist police terror and to create a strong and sustainable community support system.


Get updates on the comp and zine at www.facebook.com/evaluatewhatyoutolerate. Send your feedback, support, stories, and art to evaluatewhatyoutolerate@gmail.com
releases October 1, 2017

Thanks to all the artists and people who worked on making this what it is. Art by Ida B @sly___ida, Annie Banks, E.M. Ramirez, Morgan True, Josh MacPhee/Justseeds.org and Austin EM. Released on En Tu Kara Records.
tags: punk bay area darkwave hardcore post-punk Oakland
all rights reserved